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We source and match you with professional freelance writers, experienced in your niche industry, to start growing your brand with exceptional content, blogs, website copy, and more.

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No job is too big or too small. Help us learn about your needs by filling out our survey on your brand, budget, content topics, and scope.

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Based on your specific needs, we will match you with 3-5 skilled professionals (“Buddies”) who are proven experts in your niche.

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Once you have reviewed their profiles and samples, we introduce you to your dream copywriter so you can fuel your content marketing together.

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Your happiness is guaranteed. If we don’t match you with the right professional, we won’t stop until we do.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why is Copy Buddy better than sites like Upwork or Fiver?

At Copy Buddy, our expert copywriters take it one step further. Unlike other outsourcing platforms that accept any type of talent with little experience, our writers are skilled and proven professionals who care about getting your brand the results you’re looking for.


Within our vast network, we find the best candidates with the right experience and style of work and we connect you directly with them. No more searching endlessly, negotiating rates, reading bad samples, and all the extra fluff work.


Our connections are made by a real human, not by AI - our human touch ensures that you are not being paired with writers just based on keywords but based on their relevant work experience, personality, and the context of the project.


We do it for you and we do it right.

What if I don’t like the Buddies you match me with?

It’s simple. We don’t stop until you’re happy. Let us know why the Buddies we matched you with weren’t what you’re looking for, and we’ll send you a new batch of connections based on the criteria.


It’s our mission to make you excited to hire your Buddy.

Do you provide content ideas/titles for the project?

No, but we can refer you to GR0 - the fastest-growing Content Marketing agency in the United States - who can handle larger content marketing projects and strategies.

Who are your Buddies? Where do you source them?

We selectively source US-based professional and proven writers, who come to the table with years of experience and then they undergo additional SEO training to ensure the writing is optimized for your website.


We have successfully matched Buddies over and over again with companies and projects of all shapes and sizes, and we’re confident we can find you the perfect match.

Need More Than Just a Buddy?

If you’re still unsure about your brand’s needs or if this is the right service for you, we can offer you a free consulting chat with one of our Content Marketing Experts at GR0, who have years of experience developing content marketing for clients. We’ll find the right solution for you.

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