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At Copy Buddy, we source only the top copywriting candidates. Our US-based writers are sourced by the experts at GR0, who have trained hundreds of writers and provide more than 2 million+ words of SEO copy per month for their high-profile clients.


We do all of the work for you - no more answering baseless queries on sites like Upwork or Fiver. We match you with writing projects that are a perfect fit for your strengths and abilities, bringing you only qualified leads that need your specific services.

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“The Copy Buddy team is supportive, professional and easy to work with, which is why I have referred four other writers to the community since I started. This network, without exaggeration, has changed my life and I would recommend it to anyone.”

Danielle C, 14 years of writing experience

“Working with Copy Buddy has been a breath of fresh air. I’ve been writing for years and have never had such a positive experience with a company or networking platform before. Truly, Copy Buddy is more like a community than a means to find a job.”

Melle H, 3 years of writing experience

“As a copywriter, I love the opportunities and flexibility that Copy Buddy offers. Diverse writing topics and access to high-profile projects have made for a great experience. I recommend them to anyone looking to make a splash in content writing.”

Jacob P, 5 years of writing experience

“Working with Copy Buddy to find projects has been a blast! The staff is fantastic and it’s a dream come true to write about the industries and topics that I love the most.”

Joshua S, 5 years of writing experience

“Writing with Copy Buddy has not only given me the flexibility to pursue other interests but it has also allowed me to hone my expertise through research-based writing. You’ll find yourself growing both professionally and creatively with every word written.”

Logan C, 2 years of writing experience

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